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People Are Always Gonna Talk

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3 October 1987


...Miss Vickie B...

Mrs. American Dream
My name is Victoria, but people call me Vickie, which is what you can call me.I was born in Staten Island, Ny but now currently reside in Jackson, Nj. I'm 22 years old and loving life..
I'm a big Evanescence fan, and nothing will ever change that.I'm always a big fan of Story of the Year, Panic! At The Disco, System of A Down, Tokio Hotel, and the local band End of An Era. If you haven't noticed music is my life!I've also am in love with the porn star Jenna Jameson. I'm also probably the biggest movie buff you will ever meet(i get it from my uncle). Another obsession I have is cars and street racing. I love the adrenaline rush you get going down a public road over 90 mph. I love working on cars. I currently drive a truck at the moment, but I used to have a firebird formula. I love TV, I have obsessions with certain shows (The Tudors, NCIS, Ghost Hunters,WildFire,That 70s Show etc). I love computers and Video games, I can be such a geek at times with things.
I also have dislikes, Animal Cruelty and Lacuna Coil.I also dislike Anne Boylen I'm all for Catherine of Aragon I don't wear make-up cause that just consumes time. I hate bitching, I can't stand that. I have a lot of dislikes which I won't bore you with here.

My Journal is and always will be Friends Only...

I'm a very out-spoken person, I have a habit of saying what I want to say and curse alot. If you get easliy offended I suggest you don't friend me.

Don't friend me, to bash my favorite things, I will not tolerate that. If you dont like them, that is fine keep it to yourself.

Also don't friend me to try and get me to like the things I dislike, there is a reason for it all( side note: Just because I don't like Anne Boylen don't come screaming at me for it, everyone has their right to their own opinons k. thanks)

If your a big jesus person and believe in the bible that's wonderful for you. Unfortunatly I don't believe in that stuff, and have my own views and opinons about it. I will not bash you or try to offend you about that stuff, as long as you agree to try not to convince me to believe in it.

I don't update my journal a lot, and sometimes I update it everyday. I don't expect you to be a comment whore, but comments are nice, it's a way I get to know people. I'm also not a comment whore but I promise I do comment.

I'm a very easy person to get a long with. I'm here to post my opinons and make friends. I also hope your here to do the samething.

Spelling is also a big thing for me. I'm an English major, so if you "TyPe LyKe DiS" Don't bother. I hate it.

Have a wonderful day!
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